Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Spring Cleaning

This beautiful weather had us outside all weekend dong our own version of spring cleaning. Don't get me wrong, our windows could be cleaned, floors mopped, and furniture moved around, but it was NOT stay inside weather. So we took to the gardens. With fifteen acres, it's hard to keep everything maintained and well landscaped (sorry dad!). Thinking back on what this property was ELEVEN years ago when we moved in though, I think we've made some great progress! This summers projects include putting in a small patio off the side door, push back some of the overgrown shrubbery back by the pool, and working on our fabulous gardens.

Our cleaned up herb garden (april)

Mom added some new apple trees to the back yard along with our budding blackberry bushes, raspberries, and blueberries. We also spent some time moving the rock garden to prepare for the new patio. We pulled up some vinca vine, it had about 5 years to grow freely, so it's a disaster. We got rid of the rest of the leaves to see what was growing under there, and found all our herbs coming back beautifully! Also some clematis, columbine, and other wonderful flowers popping up.
Donnie had tilled my garden for me, so I planted a few seeds and some of mom's started tomato plants. Mom planted lots of plants of her own, tomatoes, kale, brussels.

In the fall Mom planted and properly covered some garlic. It worked perfectly! We have some beautiful garlic growing here. Soon we'll be pulling it up to have fresh garlic for the first time!

With all of our planting, tilling, and cleaning up, Charlie watched and kept us on our toes. We found which leaves she liked best (the dead ones) and how entertaining it can be to just observe the chickens. Overall, she was a big help. And, we've got our first strawberry out there in April!

My little strawberry

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