The Sheep

Wesh Farm's Southdown Babydoll Sheep

Mellie, Patty, Rain, Olivia and Franklin.
Summer of 2011 by the lake.
Wesh Farm has Southdown Babydoll Sheep, which are registered through Mr. Robert Mock.

This particular breed of sheep is very sweet, on the smaller side and have big smiles on their faces, which are just adorable. They graze well and make great weeders, without ruining trees because of their short height even when fully grown. The breed's smaller size also helps to break up soil without actually compacting it. "Babydolls" also get along well with other animals, ours often run about in our horse pasture or free roam along with the guinea hens and ducks. Here's more information on Olde English Southdown Babydoll sheep.

We acquired our sheep in the summer of 2008 from a wonderful local family who had a wide variety of rams and ewes. Our original flock was composed of:
- Arthur, a white ram
- Olivia, a white ewe
- Bob, a white wether (fixed male)
- Mellie, a black ewe

Currently, our farm's flock is:
- Arthur, our white ram
- Mellie, a breeding black ewe
- Rain, a black ewe born spring '10
Nina, a breeding white ewe

The lambs born at Wesh Farm have usually been born in March of each spring and have been born every spring since we first got our original flock in 2008.
Rain, Mellie, and patty

Black coloring is apparently fairly unusual with Olde English Southdown Babydoll Sheep. However, Wesh Farm has quite a few as our girl, Mellie, has produced only black lambs for us over the last couple of springs. Each spring we have a wonderful, small combination of both black (or more chocolate colored) lambs from Mellie and white lambs from Olivia.

Fall of 2012 we acquired a new white ewe, Nina. She was traded for our young ram George, who was one of Liv's twins born in spring of 2012.
In 2014 we lost our older girl, Liv, to bring our little flock down to 4. Our 2015 babes went to a local family.
getting curious

Our lambs are raised to be friendly and fun. We have had families out to the farm to take pictures with the sheep, they follow you around, love fresh grass, are adorable when they bounce around, and will do almost anything for animal crackers!

Our silly wether Franklin, getting into trouble
Check out the "For Sale" page to see which sheep are currently available to add to your farm and family!