Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sunday Morning Surprise

Hello hello!
On this unusually hot (at least as of late) Wednesday I figured I would share a little love with everyone...
This past Sunday we woke to wonderful surprise when we wandered out to feed the animals. To start, I must mention we have two very very bad hens who just refuse to stay in their pen. The one, a plymouth rock seems to have been laying eggs in our horse pen. Well the few times our easter egger rooster got out seems to have been sufficient. That's right! We have brand new chicks!

There are only three little ones, but aren't they too cute?

All three are black and two have little white dots on their heads. Fingers crossed they turn out to be all hens that we can keep for laying!

Another fun thing this weekend was the watermelon Mom finally decided to crack open.. Check out how big and beautiful this was! Everyone enjoyed it, and conveniently we still have at least 6-8 more out in the garden : )

Monday, August 12, 2013

New Additions

The past two months have been busy around here! While our produce hasn't been as abundant as usual, due to this crazy weather, we've brought in some nice additions to our little farm.

First came Miss Mona.. She was more of a rescue then a breeding purchase. We got her to help clear some of the weeds out in the pens, goats eat just about everything. Her wonderful personality was another reason we couldn't leave that farm without her.
 So far we've learned that NOTHING keeps her contained and she absolutely loves to be around us. She's even figured out how to get back into her pen so that she's there when we go out to feed. she's a ba-a-a-d little goat. And hard to take pictures of, sometimes she's even crashing into the camera! Nosy little girl.. I promise to have some new ones added, but this one of her trying to follow us in the house was too cute.

Next came Remy, a much bigger addition. He is a towering 18 hh, and such a looker. Our latest farm hand, my boyfriend Donnie, made the purchase in the beginning of August. We are happy to have this new boarder on our farm! It's nice to have someone else to ride with : )

And of course, there is nothing sweeter then a boy and his horse. Made us all think of when Dad first brought home Phantom. There were nights he slept in the barn so he wouldn't be all alone. Donnie sure does love his new pony, he's such a sweety!

Oh, and while on this update I figured I could throw in this lovely picture from my cousins wedding last week..It isn't often you get us all dressed up, so i figured we should share it : )
From left to right, Donnie, me, Mom, Jen,and her boyfriend Matt