Thursday, September 11, 2014

Happy (early) Fall!

Leaves are changing, nights are cooler, and we are beginning our preparations for another Jersey winter. I realize it's been about three month since our last update, basically our whole summer, so let me show you how our summer went..

 My sweet little chickens have finally grown up into hens and surprise roosters! To the left is our silly polish, Morty, giving me a completely necessary 8 pm crow. And to the right is some of our odd shaped eggs we've collected. The first few weeks of laying gives all sorts of eggs.

Over the summer we had some changes in the horse line up. Donnie's big sweet American Cream Draft got re-homed to a small time farmer. He'll be used for exactly what he excels at, light driving and a whole lot of standing around. 
After he left we found out about one of the horses I used to ride as a teenager. He wasn't able to stay at his current farm and a few things just fell into place, so we took him in. 

Here's our current boys, from left to right, Beau, Lance (new one), and Phantom. Mom's little pony Lance (yes I know, same name, very confusing!) went to a farm that will be using him more often. Keeping him busy with kids and lessons will be a nice change of pace for that pony. 

 We survived the fourth of July fireworks somehow.. To the left is Luna hiding under Donnie's legs when all the noise started. We had fireworks all summer really. Hopefully this past weekend was the last. It really gets all he dogs worked up!
To the right is our dog friend Bear. He was one of the pups brought up from the South years ago. He got adopted to family friends Jen& Joe, and as you can see is the happiest puppy in the world now! He and his parents came for a nice patio lunch one afternoon.

We had beautiful blooming flowers, just like every other year. 
And, beautifully blooming trees, which Christian politely posed under for me.

This summer brought lots of rain. Which, as you can see, was no problem for our visiting geese and all their goslings. 

Our most recent addition to the farm is three little cochin bantams. They came from a lovely family right down he road. They're about 2 weeks old now and adorable! Two of them have begun to have frizzle feathers.. They are the goofiest collection of babies. And, from the picture below you can see Luna obviously loves them!

Later on we'll post a few more pictures of chickens, produce, and just miscellaneous farm things.
Sorry to be so absent, hope everyone had a wonderful summer and is enjoying the cooling weather!