Thursday, September 27, 2012

Teenage Chickens

We got some good work done today for the "teenage chickens" out back in the old shed - it was a good (productive) morning!

After we put posts in and some wood fencing yesterday day, the three of us added more fencing (wire instead of wood) and then netting over the top of the fencing today so the girls have some room to roam outside the shed... and we got to use a new staple gun. Although the girls have been getting out of the old shed to free range (when we let them out) for a bit very often and although the girls are very good at following us to all go back inside, this will be a lot safer for them 24/7.

Mom also added on the ramp she's been going on and on about :) The ramp doesn't quite go all the way to the ground, but I'm sure it'll still function just the way she wants it to eventually - when down, it's a ramp for the chickies to head outside and when up, it's a door to keep the hens inside the coop.

We did some work inside too. We raked up a lot of the mulch and bedding we have down on the inside of the shed for them to scratch around in, Shell cleaned out their nesting boxes and we moved the ladder they roost on to a better spot ... especially now that they should be starting to lay soon.

We cannot wait for multi-colored eggs!!
Let's see, as we move closer to October, we've got lettuces, beans, some peppers too, a watermelon and some tomatoes in mom's garden still as well. Michelle and mom have been canning, freezing and drying as much as possible for the winter.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

in the garden

Things found in the garden today...

some silkies

and some lima beans!