Friday, November 27, 2009

A Good Day

Yesterday was what my mom keeps referring to as "a good day" and I believe she's completely right with that. So, to keep things simple, that's what I've entitled this post.

While a few of us were cooking there were much more serious things getting done ... like throwing apple skins at the chickens! That's exactly what my cousin Corinne's son, little B, is up to in this photo. My Uncle Dick's whole family came over and we all made dinner together. It was wonderful! Little B skinned apples (for apple sauce) and some potatoes and then got to take the scraps out for the chickens. This was also after we fed them some very yummy watermelon - no exactly in season, but the chickens love it and so little B loved giving it to them. The day continued on with good food, good company and fun beers to try thanks to my cousin Gretchen's fiance, Ray. Below are a collection of photos from the night...

Michelle's boyfriend, Steve, does some serious reading with little B

Little B looks on as the chickens enjoy their watermelon snack

Ris and Danny look on as little B peels apples and Ray offers some yummy banana bread beer

Mom's Uncle John (my great-uncle), dad's brother Uncle Dick and Dad at the table ... ok, I caught them mid-passing food, but it's a GREAT photo!

It truly was a wonderful, wonderful time filled with wonderful memories - a good day...

Monday, November 23, 2009

Bob's New Home

Recently, my parents wrangled up Bob and sent him off to a new home. During a conversation with one of the wonderful vet techs, Kim, at Dr. Mac's it was discussed that she was looking for a goat to be a pasture pal for her horse. Now, obviously, Bob is no goat (goats creep me out!!!!!), but he's one awesome little buddy! With my mom considering condensing the farm to be more manageable for just her to handle (my dad is just going to continue to get worse), she suggested Bob. Our other sheep are all "marketable" for breeding, but Bob's been "cut" and aside from being a companion pet, most people would probably just consider him lamb chops (I can't even think of any of them like that!!!).

So, off Bob went to his new home for a "trial" run and they love him (of course!). Kim was nice enough to send me some photos on the first day they let him loose in their giant field. Look how happy he looks munching away! :) Think I can post this all on my "rescue" blog too??? I mean, technically he was saved and rehomed. Hmmm...

Good luck, Bob. I love you!