Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A Mid May Wedding

What a beautiful May we've had. We had quite a bit of April rain, but we could sure use some May rain too! Our yard looks wonderful though. It was perfect for a mid-May wedding. This past Saturday, Jen (the big sis) got married on the farm! It was lovely, and beautiful and just the perfect afternoon.

We had a large tent in the front horse field for all of the guests. A field that previously, looked a bit rough. But, Mom put LOTS of time, energy, and a bit of money to clean it up and get the best grass growing. Here it is before the tent:

There are a whole plethora of beautiful pictures out there, but I found a few that showed off how wonderful things were on the farm: 

Pre wedding, under the tent as we set up and decorated

Look at those beautiful flowers!

And of course, our BEAUTIFUL bride, her FABULOUS husband! It was a very memorable and lovely day. I think it was an amazing day, on a perfectly landscaped farm. Great job to everyone involved!
 Love you seester <3

Thank you Gretchen for some of these beautiful pictures from the big day!

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