Saturday, May 30, 2015

Our Lambs Have a New Home!

Another HOT rainless day here on the farm. Today however, this 2015 lambs got their new home. They are not too far away with a nice family who are very excited to have some sheep on their property. Mom and I really liked our chats and meeting them, I'm sure they are going to a great home!

So Rain's baby boy and Nina's white ewe lamb are off to their new home. Best of luck and hope to hear updates about life in their new pasture : )

With their departure, we've welcomed some new little ones this week. Mom was VERY excited to get a few pet ducks for the property again, so we found someone with Indian Runners, and just got them this week. We've got four runners and a girl and boy Rouen. We're undecided about where they'll be (we're still having trouble with the snapper turtles out in the pond), but looking forward to having happy ducks in mud in just a few months. 

Charlie is beside herself with interest. She "talks" to them and crawls over to watch them through the window. They're in a very messy tote at the moment, so we'll take nice pictures soon! Ducks do make a mess quickly..

We also had a visitor, Rachel, stop over this past week. Her sister came as well, and wanted to do a little fishing. It was a nice, warm day, and the perfect way to get outside and do something fun on the property. There was canoeing, shrieks, and some slimy catfish. Not a bad afternoon. Thanks for making us all relax and enjoy the day. 

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