Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The 2014 Lambs

Well, just like every year, we had beautiful baby lambs. Fluffy and all white this year.  There were two ewes and a little rambunctious ram (check previous posts for tons of just born pictures). 
These weren't especially bad, but just like every other lambing season, they figured their way out of the gates and fences to explore all on their own. We had lambs in the front yard for parties, lambs by the chicken coops as I fed, and lambs eating things lambs should not eat (boy was that messy!). Overall, it was lovely to have new life on the farm, yet wonderful to see them go to their new home. This year all three were picked up by a nice woman who does a travelling petting zoo. She enjoys the small, docile breed and wanted to add a few ones to her flock. We are very happy to have them going together, and after weeks of chatting with their new owner and confident they went to a great home! 
We learned some
new tricks with these guys and got to bottle feed one ewe to keep her healthy. It was an exciting year. We'll miss you little ones!