Friday, April 5, 2013

More Babies, More Sweetness

Sweet little Rain had her baby the yesterday afternoon. She and her new baby will be available in eight weeks, once he is old enough to be separated. Unless you are interested in Mom and baby of course! He is an unfixed male at the moment.

That's right, more babies on the farm! Thursday evening, while working out on the horse barn, we heard a fresh new lamb cry, and went to find a very new baby with her mom, Rain. A first at this farm, a white baby born from a brown babydoll. Quite the little stunner too, he is as white as can be! Neen's baby boy is just starting to get bouncy, and he is looking very handsome in his rocket sweater. He is still not named, any suggestions would be appreciated! You can see his smug little face in the last post. He just KNEW he was the cutest thing in the barn in that picture with me.

Also, Mom's one little green house got broken into by one of the dogs the other night and let in the cold air.. Bad news, almost all of the plants that were out there are looking awfully rough. This afternoon, I planted about 200 new tomato seeds, 50 of our green peppers, 50 of our red pepper seeds from last season, and a few miscellaneous squash& watermelon just to add something interesting. Here's hoping these all do well and start popping up soon with all this great weather!

Next up, we have our two other expecting ewe's, Olivia and Mellie. Liv is ENORMOUS and looks ready to pop any day now. Mellie is the brown girl who is usually pretty chubby anyway (she's Mom's favorite, so very very spoiled). Hopefully our girls give us a few baby girls now that we have the two males! We promise to keep you updated with more baby cuteness : )

I figured I would snap a shot of our proud papa, Arthur, while we were taking pictures of everyone else. He's snacking on some of the fodder that we've been growing. This handsome big guy loves it.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

First Time Mom

Our most recent addition, Nina, had her first baby on our farm! Yesterday morning as Mom headed out to feed she heard the wonderful noise of a little lamb. We were very happy to welcome this little man. And, Nina has made an excellent mother! She was sweet enough to let me pick him up and snap a shot before putting on his sweater.

Now we just have to figure out a good name for this little thing! He is for sale, and will be available once he is old enough to be separated from his mom. Babydoll sheep make wonderful pets and have excellent wool. Contact us if you are interested in adding a few to your flock : )