Friday, March 23, 2012


We've had some visitors on the farm over the last couple weeks and we've loved it! So have the animals!
Here's a photo of A (Annah), B (Bennett) and C (Corinne) checking out one of the raised beds with D (Danny) was helping my mom figure out what some of her plants were that were starting to pop up.
We love when ABCD visit the farm - it's always a fun time filled with little projects (or learning fun tips from Danny), talking, laughing and often hearing some silly comments from Bennett. This visit's (which was on March 9th)? As we walked around the yard and came on the garden, Bennett looked right at Aunt Connie (my mom) and said, "This isn't very much of a garden!" Mom's response? "It's winter!"
Now, Bennett's no stranger to what a good garden looks like and thankfully, after a little exploring, he started to see what will soon to be a great looking garden.
Oh yea, Annah had a pretty good time in the garden too...
Wish we could plant her and grow some more - she's so darn cute!!

And lets not forget about the sheep! The sheep liked ABCD visiting too. I caught this picture of little Annah tonguing up the glass door as the sheep were walking by outside early on in their visit.
We went out to see the sheep not long after this shot, so ABCD could meet Ava, the little lamb, and Bennett got the chance to give the girls (and Franklin) some "cookies". Those sheep sure love their cookies and Bennett did a really good job giving them out to everyone. Annah was pretty happy just wandering around and playing with the gates.

On the 16th, we had another visit from Brenna, Kim and Emma. Emma was so excited about the sheep that she kept chasing them around. Unfortunately, that's not the way to make friends with them and they just kept running away. Maybe next time they'll get off on a better foot. Emma didn't leave without some love though - here's Beau Beau excited to get a pet and some treats.
Emma also got to pet little Ava who Shelly was nice enough to hold for her and left seeming to be pretty determined to talk her dad into letting her have a pet chick. She took home two farm fresh eggs too ... to eat, not hatch though.
Did I mention we love visitors to the farm?