Friday, June 12, 2009

Everything's in bloom

Had to add some photos to make you all envious of what's going on at the farm. Everything is so beautiful right now. Check it out...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Produce/Farm Stand

Everything's in bloom at the farm! It's beautiful! With our seeds from last year blooming and a few new gardens turned over and planted in, the whole property is looking very active right now. We even recently got new baby hens in order to produce more of our wonderful eggs which are being bought and appreciated by friends now. If you note the photo above, you'll see that with all this wonderful production we have decided to open up a produce stand at some point in the near future. The date keeps getting pushed back right now due to all the adjustments in our family.

The detailing of the sign was done by mt best friend Ali and me who wanted to really show off everything my mom has in mind for our farm stand - lots of variety! Vegetables, fruit, our own fresh eggs and hopefully some honey too. Obviously, we are not producing all these things on our own farm, but there are lots of wonderful orchards around us, other small scale farmers and a honey farm (which is why we're considering selling honey as well). We have a lot of our own things to sell as well too: tomatoes, snap peas, zucchini and our own brown eggs from our chickens. We are hoping to bring in other business too - like possibly boarding a horse or two and maybe finding a new home for some of our sheep.

Though our farm stand is put together physically (thanks to Doug and our family friend, Joe) and we've put feelers out on where we can buy produce in bulk to resell, we just haven't gotten our act together to actually open our stand. We're having too much fun wandering around to see what's blooming and picking stuff off the vine to enjoy like strawberries and snap peas right now. More information will be posted here when we've got it.