Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Surprise, surprise!

Look what I found!

Yes, another baby! Olivia had twins. Mellie had her little black baby girl. So who does this little munchkin belong to? Patty! Yes, Mellie and Arthur's baby from last year had a baby this spring! Apparently at some point, Arthur got Patty pregnant and she had an adorable baby girl on the 4th.

I went out back and found a shakey, wet, little baby sheep with Patty running around it a little franticly. Poor Patty, I don't think she knew what she was doing. Not expecting any more babies, I was lucky the "bonding pen" was even still together. Sadly, it was moved at some point and right next to the horse pen. I picked up the little baby, placed her in the pen and then tempted Patty in there with animal crackers. Needless to say, the horses were really interested in the screaming little black ball right by their pen...

Big, black horse inspecting a teeny tiny baby black sheep - a favorite photo of mine! The baby (still unnamed) seems to be doing well, though Patty seems to still be a little lost as to what to do. She seems to be a little lost without being with her mom, Mellie. Patty is all worked up being separated from the others, but never have I known how important that little "bonding pen" is. I'm sure she'd be running off and away from her little baby if she were loose with everyone else right now.

Yay for another beautiful baby though! That makes for so far this year (twice the number from last year!) since Olivia had twins. What a fertile farm! :)