Thursday, February 28, 2013

Spring is coming!

Spring is coming, spring is coming! Last week we turned some of the raised beds and started some seeds inside. While watering tonight I snapped a few pictures to share. We've got tomatoes,broccoli, escarole, peppers, and some basil going now. Here's some of the progress:

Mom loves these new seed starters she found.
Some of the trays that can be planted right with the
 started seeds. All snug in our great soil

Also, our sweet little chickens are really growing! They are just about 4 weeks now and have lots of feathers. With temperatures rising we are going to put them on the porch during the day. They are starting to fly and getting a bit too adventurous to be in our bathroom all the time. It's getting very messy!
One of our naughty Welsummer babes roosting up on top of their crate.

There are some pluses to them being in the bathroom still. They get lots of attention, and always seeing us come in and out so they will be plenty comfortable with us when they move outside. They sure are messy though! Since they've started jumping out they have left messes all over the bathroom and even in the tub! Thank goodness they are still cute.. For now. They are starting to get to that really goofy age that all chicks go through.
Here they are checking me out through the opening in their brooder that they are quickly outgrowing. Sixteen chicks certainly was a lot to take on. But, we are looking forward to adding them to our wonderful flock that we have outside now. Just today, while the girls were running around free outside I had two come meet me in the front yard. We certainly have some spoiled hens, at least they lay lots of delicious eggs!

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