Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Barley, Eggs, and Chick News

 A few very exciting things to tell. First, we are growing fodder! Last week we got the barley and trays, built the stand for the trays, and put holes in the bottom one of the buckets for draining. Monday morning, we started the growing process. It's simple and very exciting, well exciting for us..
We have two trays going now and a third one started.
This morning, when we went in to water the top layer, we saw some small sprouts starting!! Very good news for our first time doing this : )
Now I know it is hard to see, but I took a picture anyway and hope that you can see too. If not, we'll have more pictures coming this week as the growing continues. This picture is 60 hours into the start of the process.

We are growing this barley to have fresh, clean feed for our sheep and chickens year round.

Second fun news, our littlest Silkie has finally started laying! She was one of the adopted ones we got in the spring to make sure my little silkie, Nugget, wasn't lonely. Now they have moved in with the other teenage girls and everyone is very happy together. Here is her first egg! I put it next to the brown egg so you could see the difference in size, isn't it cute?

Last piece of news for today, our new little munchkins turned a week old on Monday! Just nineteen more weeks until they could possibly be laying. At least they are cute now. 
Here's a shot of one of the chicks taking a small sleep with me last night.
And, yes, she is still alive. They just sleep funny.

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