Saturday, February 9, 2013

Buy Local!

As we move closer to the warmer weather, we can start to think about all the coming fresh produce. I think it's important to inform people about buying local and supporting local farms. In case you are on the fence here are a few reasons:

Local food is better for you. It hasn't traveled for miles over the course of few days losing nutrients on it's way to you. 
Since it doesn't have to travel it's picked at its peak. This is why it looks and tastes better. You can't deny a nice fresh jersey tomato in the summer is much better than the bland, off color tomato you get in a food store in winter. 
Buying local supports local farms and families. Unlike the corporation, this skips the middle man and goes to the beautiful green farms you drive past. This also means you are putting money directly into our local economy.
It keeps farmland intact and the important skill set that comes with farming will continue to be shared.This will have a positive impact on our future in this area!

So with that, here is a link to NJ agriculture. From here you can find community markets, roadside farm stands, and even the "pick your own" farms! Spread the word : )

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