Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung for sure!

The sun is out, things are looking green, all of the garage cats (including lazy Champ) are off the side porch and lying in the gardens (note photo of Norman and Champ) and...

We've got babies!!

That's right - babies!! TWO! Our Babydoll Sheep, Olivia, gave birth to twins today! So crazy! So wonderful. (weird side note: last night, between fits of coughing, I dreamed of two baby sheep being born today!) Let me give you all the details.

After dad told me there were two new babies outside I jumped into action. Grabbing towels and calling my mom, I rushed outside.

After getting into their pen, I picked both the babies up in towels and their good mom Olivia followed me into their "maternity suite" which is a little bonding pen we have set up so mom and baby(/ies) can have some privacy and, well, bond. After some issues with what my dad had to do to help (lay out wood chips, open the one fencing, open the pen, etc), everything was pretty much settled and I took some photos.

That's not one long lamb, that's one baby's back end and the front end of another ... their other halves just happen to be hidden by their mom. Like the sweaters? Yea, I also forgot to charge my cell phone this morning like I planned too (another task on the list neglected), so halfway through taking photos to send to people, my cell died. That's when I took the chance to put sweaters on the little munchkins. I put the most appropriate sweaters on them: the little boy has the blue with spaceships sweater and the little girl has the dark red-ish plaid one on.

Now, we're just waiting to see when Mellie will give Patty her first little sibling!

Also (though less exciting and you probably don't need me to tell you), the blog site has been remodeled. We've got a new background for the new season and fresh start! :)

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