Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Those wonderful, fuzzy, always smiling faces ~ how can you resist!

Wesh Farm is a small, family farm located in Southern New Jersey. Currently, we are loving and raising white and black Babydoll Sheep, all registered with Robert Mock registry, "The Original Babydoll Southdown Sheep Registry". Mr. Mock was the founder of the Southdown babydoll Registry, thus named The Mock Registry. This registry has been in existence for 17 years as of Sept 2008.

Our sheep are checked on a regular basis by a veterinarian and health is always our foremost concern! All of our sheep live in a clean & loving environment. Our family is dedicated to raising healthy miniature Babydolls with friendly personalities.

Why might someone want Babydoll sheep? They're just so hard to resist! They're quite small compared to most farm animals and pets. They're also docile and funny little creatures - countless laughs have been had by our family watching our sheep run around and the little lambs leap about. Though we are yet to spin any of ours, their wool is in the same fiber class as cashmere! Are you interested in "greening" your garden habits or starting an organic farm? Babydoll sheep are wonderful grass trimmers and their small size allows them to fit in on just about any acreage. Babydoll sheep make wonderful pets and are a great addition to any farm.

Our lambs are due in the spring of each year should you be interested in adding Babydoll sheep to your family as well.

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