Friday, March 27, 2009

Another Baby

There was another baby born this weekend ... and what a cutie she is!

Less than a week after Olivia gave birth to our first little lamb, our adorable Penny, Mellie finally had her baby as well ... a super sweet looking little black female. I thought this was just so perfect - Olivia's all white and had her little white girl and Mellie is a black sheep (yes, she's a "black sheep" even though she looks brown, but that's just from her wool being so long and sun bleached) and she gave birth to a little black girl. Last year, it was the exact opposite, believe it or not! Olivia had a little black lamb and Mellie had a little white boy (note the last photo in the entry).

Check out this oh so sweet photo of the other sheep (Penny is out running around with the whole crew now) curious as to what's going on. They were so interested in seeing what was going on, especially when Mellie's little girl would start "bahhhing". While they were trying to nose their way in, we were wrapping the new munchkin up in towels and a little sweater. In doing that, we also determined Mellie had graced us with a little girl. Since Mellie had her baby one full week after St Patty's Day, Patty sounded like a good name - it just goes so well with Penny too: Penny and Patty.

Mellie wasn't a fraction of the size Olivia seemed to be when she was pregnant, so there wasn't any anxious waiting to see if another little lamb would follow Patty out that morning. That means Patty will be the last of the babies for this summer. These two little babies are just absolutely perfect though, definitely a wonderful start to Spring and I can't wait to watch them grow.

And here is Mellie with her little munchkin last year. Last summer she gave birth to our guy, Bob, the fixed boy we have here in our little group of baby dolls. How cute was he?!

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