Saturday, January 18, 2014

Our New Year

With this new year, we figured we should update you on what's been going on around here.. 

We've had no new additions to our little farm, but all of our babies are grown up and lovely. It's hard to believe the chickens from our last post are now two adult roosters, and a BEAUTIFUL black and green hen. They are Donnie's favorite hens, and they still come running when they hear someone outside. These three are always out, which means they are always getting into trouble. Here they are trying to get onto the front porch.. and then they chose the front gardens threadleaf maple to roost in for a early afternoon nap.

Clearly we'll have to get a few close ups to show off their beautiful coloring. The roosters are just starting to crow and have a few short, green plumes coming in. 

We also have had a few nice snows. Nothing too serious, no electric lost (thank goodnes). Our property is wonderful in the snow, so I ran around to snap a few pictures of the snow covered land. This first one was as the sun was setting so everything was a really pretty blue color. I wish cameras could paint the beauty that's there, but not being all that creative, these few pictures will have to do : )

 And of course, with snow comes the extra care of animasl. As you can see, some of our babes are not fit for snow. Here's T-rex, my favorite Ameraucana rooster, trying as hard as he can to stay out of the snow! Above is one of our sheepy girls, Olivia checking out what we were up to out there, without having to go out in the cold wet snow. Can you tell we have some spoiled brats for animals?

Below, my big handsome (DIRTY!) American cream draft, Remy, was enjoying frolicking around and kicking up his feet out in the back field with me. This was another early evening photo when the sky was getting darker.  

 Our great pyrenees mix, Christian, got some time to show of what a little snow dog he is. He has fur perfect for this cold wet weather!We celebrated our one year of having him right before christmas with this snow. He is almost two, but a puppy at heart. Which really helps make my little black mix, Luna, be extra playful. So here are two pictures of all the pups enjoying the snow.

 Christian rolling around.

We'll have more updates as we get closer to spring! Hope everyone is enduring the cold winter. Keep thinking warm, happy thoughts and before you know it we will be starting to plant our peas!

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