Saturday, January 18, 2014

Fall Activities part 2

We try to make sure we keep a good balance of fun and work around here. Not all of us are able to do it.. but, we've had a lot of down time down on the Delaware Bay. My aunt has a nice boat in during the summer, so we try to get there whenever we can. It's beautiful and calm down there. Days it's not too windy we get out to crab or fish. We've mastered our maryland style crab recipe.

Right around Halloween we had a gathering at the farm with friends and family. We made a nice dinner and all sat around chatting until pumpkin carving began. Then things got pretty serious, which is obvious from these masterpiece jack-o-lanterns. 

I've also had a little bit of time to ride this beautiful boy. He's such a sweet horse and with time has come to trust me enough to jump on him bareback! We were all the way out in the back of the property here. He has become a very nice addition to our ponies.

Last but not least of our summer fun, was Thanksgiving. We have a few regular pictures of family and the big meal, but I figured this one was the best. Mom made the pumpkin pie the night before so there was less work the next morning. Unfortunately for her, she finished late at night and we forgot to put it up high enough. Our big white fluffy, Christian, figured this out and took full advantage. He ate every drop of that filling! I'm sure it was just too delicious

We are REALLY looking forward to getting back outside once it's warmer. It's just no fun to try to play outside during this cold we've had. 

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