Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Gardening on this lovely Tuesday off

What a beautiful, HOT day today! Just came in for a quick lunch and wanted to post a nice update of our wildly growing garden. We picked some of our greens and some of our delicious (out of control) snap peas. Yum!

  We spent a few hours out there this morning cleaning up a bit. Boy were there some weeds! If we're being honest though, there still are quite a few out there. I was trying to do things one space at a time while Mom ran around pulling weeds where ever she walked. I'm not sure who was more efficient.. But here's my wheelbarrow full of weeds for our very spoiled hens. 

Took a few pictures of our lush garden while I was out there to share. It's hard not to be excited about all of the veggies just starting to show up on each plant.

a little bitty eggplant coming in
A few of our quickly growing squash
 And last but not least, my favorite, the clematis with one of the violets we transplanted in the fall.
Hope everyone is staying cool and enjoying these nice summer days. Stay hydrated!

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