Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Around the garden

First off, it is one of my favorite times of the year - the roses and honey suckle are blooming out front.

As soon as you turn into the drive way, past the first field and right in front of the lake, these bushes have been there since we purchased the farm. This time of year and with very little care (they're grown wild all this time), they are just as beautiful as they smell delicious! It is just a absolutely great "welcome" to the farm and spring/summer I think.

As I wandered back to the main garden area, what do I hear? Clucking! These bad little hens are always out! A dynamic (though naughty) duo...

And here are some other great photos as well:

- Some gorgeous perennial flowers Ali bought for dad's memorial garden. We planted them, and all the plants we were given, around the farm to keep them safe and thriving until we have the garden all set up and ready for planting.
- A small patch of some of the mani mint plants we have growing. The mint was from our garden in Wenonah and was originally from Aunt Jean.
- Last photo is how the potato plants are doing so far. These are the potatoes we plants with Annah and Bennett when they were visiting in April.

Happy growing!

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