Monday, May 20, 2013


What a busy morning it's been on the farm. Last night Mom got an email from someone interested in coming down to look at a few of the sheep. We're both awfully happy she answered so quickly. A couple came down and left with four lambs! And, what a great home they are going to with kids, goats, and lots of space. Good luck little ones, enjoy your new home!

We only have one lamb from this year left if anyone is interested. It's Nina's little ram that is growing up to be very  handsome! The picture to the right is from the day he was born, and the one below is him at 6 weeks. He is still an intact male.

We have a few girls from previous years that are for sale as well. Check them out on the "for sale" tab!

It sure is turning out to be a surprisingly good morning here on the farm. Someone must be looking out for us up there. Enjoy your Monday!

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