Wednesday, May 29, 2013

End of May update

The front yard, blooming beautifully
It's about time we update about the produce we have going on here.. This week is one of the last for fresh Jersey asparagus. Hurry down to get some! Next week, or maybe even this weekend, we plan on getting some Jersey strawberries in!

We cleaned up and banded some of the asparagus to sell today if you need some. But, don't worry, whatever we don't sell we'll eat, and anything we don't eat we freeze for winter. We aren't ones for wasting produce this good& it sure is great to have some asparagus in the fall or winter.
Here's Luna helping out with the packaging.

Also, on this very warm day on the farm I figured I'd snap some shots of the garden for everyone to see.. Can't wait for tomatoes right from the vine.

Our delicious greens
A couple of the potatoes plants
Strawberries looking very nice
Tomato plant coming up nicely
 One of the most beautiful flowers blooming beautifully, the clematis. Hard not to enjoy such a lovely time of year:

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