Thursday, December 3, 2009


Mellie loves her mom and there is no doubt that Mellie is a special sheep, a unique ew. However, sometimes she goes above and beyond to prove it, such as this morning...

After some hard work outside this gorgeous morning, I came back into the house ... and apparently was followed by Mellie who was loose with the other babydolls to enjoy all the green from the recent rain.

Look at her. You can almost hear her thoughts: 'Hello? Helloooo?? I know you walked in there!' as she moves along the front porch from the front door to the large windows. I called Jen over as soon as I noticed to get some pictures of this silly sheep! Who was so persistent that she did not leave the front porch until I headed back out.


  1. Too cute! Mine will follow me around also...even up unto the deck to the back door (where the kids usually give them treats)!! I just love my sheep.