Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Circle Of Life?

I hate to open with such a cheesy subject line, but it's honestly the most correct title for the day that comes to mind. What a day on the farm!

This morning we found an adorable baby sheep : )

You can't really tell in the photos, but she's really tiny. And she "bahhhs" all loud and high pitched compared to our crew who are all adults. Mom  carried her into our little whelping pen. I'm not sure if that's the correct name, honestly, but the concept is a small pen for mom & baby to go in for the first few days in order to bond and get to know one another. So, we dry off the little baby a bit more and put her in the pen before steering Olivia in there too.

A little girl born not long after the Ides of March (March 15th) and we've been so set on getting away from these silly, silly names my mom gives our animal.  Had it been a boy, I was thinking Julius ... but a girl? Hmm, what's not too fancy and silly (Olivia, Arthur, Lancelot), but not to common either (Bob) - oh and has something to do with Latin/Rome? Hmmm... Ah! Penny! As in Mrs. Cip, my high school Latin teacher. Cute, cute name and in the world of Latin/everything Roman I'm not sure any better name comes to mind for a little girl. So, congrats Cippy, you've got a legacy in a lamb :)

It was chilly out this morning and though the day got warmer, little lambs are not born with thick coats of wool. No, no. For this reason, the woman we purchased our sheep from suggested little sweaters and gave us two of her old ones in order for us to be prepared for when we had lambs. My aunt, the obsessive knitter, was able to make us some newer ones though, ones a bit cuter, I think.

Born well, in the "bonding pen" (I like that more than the whelping term I think it's actually referred to as) with mom, moving around, dried off, sweater on, nursing and hopefully with a name now - all good things!

 let's finish off this entry on a good note for the night:

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