For Sale

All of our spring '15 lambs have been sold to excellent homes! Sorry if you missed out on our beautiful babes this year! Check back in next April for the new lambs.

Liv's 2013 twins
Always for sale, and always fresh are our eggs from our very spoiled hens. Lots of colors, green/blue, light brown, a darker brown shade, and a cream colored egg occasionally. Our youngsters are just starting to lay the little tiny eggs. Once they mature they will be laying chocolate brown eggs.
We sell them for $3 a dozen and always get compliments on how great they are. Once you try them, you won't ever want store bought eggs ever again.

We may have some chicks to sell soon, also. We'll see how our current hatch turns out (6/15).

 We also have honey from a local farm, Fruitwood orchards, that is delicious! 
Stop by and pick some up.
 Nothing beats Jersey Fresh.

We'll have assorted herbs, flowers& veggies from our farm as well. These include vinca vine, mint, chocolate mint, and oregano.
We'll also have some of the hand soap and goats milk soap that we've made, for sale.
Also available, some excellent seasoned manure that makes amazing soil for growing.
Hope to see you !


  1. Hi, I'm looking to get a pair or trio of babydoll sheep this spring. Will you have any available?

    1. We certainly will, we have 3 girls that are pregnant definitely, and two that are possibly pregnant. Mellie, Liv and Nina are the three that are pregnant if you'd like to see their pictures on the "sheep" page. If you'd like contact us at and we can answer any questions!

  2. Looking for babydoll for my vineyard in southampton nj Dec 2016 kevin griffin 609 384 6442