Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The real arrival of springs comes with bleating lambs

April fools day was quite exciting for us. While they are almost a week late, we finally had our first lamb! Mom was still at work, and I was going out to see how everyone was doing. Nina was laying next to this little long legged fur baby. Our first little ram lamb! 
Nina is the perfect mom, just like last year. Her little lamb is sweet, quiet, and absolutely adorable! Especially in his grey sweater that Mom bought this past winter.. I'm pretty sure they are puppy sweaters, but it works. Don't worry, there are more cute lamb sweater photos below!!


Next mom up was Raindrop. By the time Mom was out there this morning at seven here baby was completely clean and already making little lamb bleats. Everyone easily moved into their individual pens with the shake of a little grain. As always she is a great mom to her little ,white female lamb. 

Olivia was last, for today, (Mellie is still expecting too) With her white female lamb. She's REALLY loud, and was not being cleaned or fed at all. So we stepped in to clean, warm her up and show her where to get the food. It took a little coaxing, and I had to squirt her in the face with milk before she finally latched on. Silly lamb was trying to suckle from my fingers. We'll keep an extra close eye on her, just to make sure she's nice and healthy. While being cute and loud, she's also wiggly. It was almost impossible to get a picture of her this time. The one of her lying down on the left was a small fall. She was back up and moving around within seconds. Maybe we'll name her wild thing.

Here are everyone's day two photos. Well minus Nina's baby. He's three days old. I went out and everyone was sleeping peacefully.  '
Not quite positive, but her little boy may be named Randy, unless of course anyone has any better names they'd like to offer up : )
The girls are still un-named. The picture below is little Raindrop's baby, I think she needs an elegant name.

 Everyone looks healthy and is eating. Even if Olivia needs a little coaxing to feed her noisy babe at times. We'll start looking for the perfect homes for our lambs soon, so if you are interested please contact us as soon as possible! We already have a few people who we've spoken to in interest of lambs. So hurry hurry!

As I've said, spring is finally here, these nice perennials popped up right off the front porch. It's nice to have a little color out there.

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