Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Winter Work

Got a little work done these past few days, you know, because it's necessary on a farm, especially with this "snow storm" coming.  Cleaning or filling waters, fixing electric, checking buildings, chopping more wood, and moving over hay. It's not so fun in the snow and ice, but the our sweet animals make it a little less awful. Phantom was being nosey, Beau got his blanket off to roll around, and Remy was watching our every move. So I got a few pictures, while poor Donnie did most of the manual labor.. thank goodness we have him! I couldn't lift some of these things anway.. The extra water trough we have in the sheep pen had frozen completely solid. I couldn't believe it! So Donnie helped me out, flipping it over and cleaning it, clearly it hadn't been touched in quiet a while. Even more amusing, that huge ice block is still there. Has anyone else had this problem? Just large chunks of ice around the property? Our chickens get water in black rubber bowls that empty easily, but they just keep freezing. So now we have about twelve perfect ice circles from the past week out there. Isn't it going to get up above freezing soon?!

A very happy Beau, finally free of a blanket rolling around.

Poor left out Rem, just watching us chop some more wood. He just didn't understand why we wouldn't let him in the field with us. 

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