Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A step in the right direction

Boy did we have a great summer/fall season! We decided that none of our great veggies should go to waste, and what better way to preserve than can? And, we sure did do a LOT of canning.. Over the course of a few days we processed hundreds of tomatoes making sauce, puree, and stewed whole tomatoes. Some were from our garden and some were from the local market down the road. 

Below is a picture of the simmering veggies. The right is some tomato sauce reducing and the left is miscellaneous veggies that we boiled to make a great broth. 

I had been canning for years, so it was a great thing to share with Michelle. She was eager to learn and very helpful. Her enthusiasm made it even more fun.
 This was some of the things we pulled out of our garden one day! A very bountiful season : )

We've also got some canned peaches, apple sauce and chopped apples (for apple crisp this winter) in that cabinet.
We froze lots too.. local blueberries, corn, strawberries, asparagus, and kale. From our garden we had tons of eggplant, spinach, escarole, and peppers.We dried seeds from some of our best crops to be used next year as well. Over all it was our best season of growing, preserving, and enjoying the local/our own vegetables. Can't ask for anything better! 
It's January now and we are still enjoying some of our produce from last summer.. and preparing for another, even better season.

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