Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Baa baa baby black sheep

That's right - there's a new baby on the farm!! Michelle and mom called to say there was a new little black, female sheep on the farm and, obviously, she's adorable!

Who's the proud mama?
Little miss Rain, the black ewe born spring of 2010 (on a very RAINy day)!

Personally, I love Rain. I think she's just a perfect example of a Babydoll Sheep. She's got a great smile, is cute sheered or woolly and although she was a little shy when she was younger, she's gotten more bold and social. As it turns out, Rain is also a wonderful, wonderful mom! Little baby was screaming away and once in their bonding pen, Rain was all over her - cleaning and kissing the baby. It was really cute!

Quote of the day goes to my mom: {Rain} is the only one I thought wasn't pregnant.

So, there are more babies to come this spring/mild end of winter here in Jersey, but for now we'll spoil you with photos of our first this season...

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