Saturday, June 4, 2011


Just when we were sure that there were no babies arriving this spring, we were shocked!!

On May 4th, 2 days before Shelly was coming home from school and two months after most of our lambs have arrived, little Fawn was outside in the pasture when we went to feed the sheep that night. We were shocked! Mom actually cried a bit she was so happy..

Fawn is a gorgeous baby black girl sheep. She looks just like a little baby deer - very leggy. I don't know if it's just the fact there is only one this year or what, but she looked gigantic as soon as she was born!

She's a month old now and beautiful! She hops around, jumps, leaps, kicks her little legs and chases the wild roosters (definitely my favorite hobby of hers). She's often in places she shouldn't be making me wonder if the "bad" gene is in Arthur's blood since her half brother Franklin is also a big brat! Sure, we had 4 babies last year, but just this one is pretty fun too.

Why the plural with the subject when there's just one lamb??
My you're quick!

Well, we've got baby ducks too!!

As of yesterday, there's one adorable baby :) The ducks (because, yes, there are two ducks on one nest!) have been sitting on a nest for some time now and I think we were all starting to suspect that much like the sheep, the ducks were not going to have any babies either ... but we shall see.

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