Our Horses

One of my first days spending time with JC before we
brought him home

About ten years ago, when we were first looking for some farmland, it was all because my dad wanted some space and wanted horses. As soon as we bought the place, before the house was even finished, we were looking for horses. We met some really great people, and even better animals. First, we found my beautiful thoroughbred JC from a woman who taught me all about horses. She had eleven horses at the time and I fell in love with her big, lanky man JC. I spent six months in 2004 over there as many hours a week I could. She taught me how to ride, how to care for horses, and how to bond with them. I can't thank her enough for what she did for me.
Phantom in the old chicken pen
She was also looking around for a horse for Dad. He wanted a big draft horse because he was never a small man. Well, a cold night in January we got a call about a young draft who would grow to be just what Dad wanted. We headed over, into a beautiful, long barn and met a 14 month old, handsome, black percheron. They showed off a bit what he could do, and we fell in love. We were sold, and after a few days, he was home with us. Little did we know, we were in for some trouble. Eight years later he is still finding himself places he shouldn't be... (note the  picture to the left)
He has broken through fences, snapped posts, picked up bags of bedding and thrown them around the barn, and broken into the hay barn to snack all day. For some reason, we've kept him. He's 18 hands and almost 2000 pounds of baby with the most amazing expressions. We couldn't imagine living on this farm without him. 

I realize this may be animal abuse, but last winter, I put some antlers on phantom and made him my reindeer. This is a picture of how much he really enjoyed it! He's sweet as can be and listens very well, with me at least, so it was a lot of fun jumping up on my over-sized reindeer for some pictures : )

A friend first meeting my very calm old paint

Our other addition, around the same time, was an older paint, Beau. He came fully broken in from a girl who just wasn't riding him anymore. He was a great addition here because he was as broke as broke could be. He moved onto our farm a few months after we brought Phantom home. Fortunately, since he's so calm and bombproof, when new people come we can let them play with him a bit and really enjoy horses. When he was a bit younger we would put people on the back while I rode. He's gotten a little old to hold all that weight. He's the ultimate gentleman though, and anyone can be around him, brush and lead him around. 

My handsome old gentleman keeping warm out in the barn.

We have plenty more pictures of our beautiful horses with some stories to go along, hope you enjoy them : )

In fall 2012 I hadn't put a saddle on Phantom in almost two years. I had ridden him bareback around our woods and in the fields, but I just hadn't had time to really get on and ride him properly. So I forced myself to get out there and literally get back in the saddle. He wasn't so crazy about putting the saddle pad and saddle on in previous years so I was not quite ecstatic to try after all this time. But, everything went as smooth as possible and after walking him out a while I even jumped up on him. He was so calm I decided to ride around for twenty or so minutes. It was a great first time! We did this a few more times before it got too cold to enjoy it.  So we're both looking forward to the spring and some more riding& bonding.
My sweet boy JC snacking on some grass

Jen and I with Phantom during one of the big snow storms 

beau-beau my cookie monster
Two very  jealous boys because beau is getting cookies,
Phantom and JC peeking over 
In 2009 I got a new puppy, she's a little
 neurotic, but a great puppy. These were the first time she ever met
 our horses

A close up of Phantom's big, goofy head

Phantom meets Tali. She was being VERY brave

Fall of '14 we collected a new, handsome man. He's from the same farm I got JC from. He's got JC tendencies, and is just as sweet to be around. To make this confusing, his name is ALSO Lance. We now have 3 horses, new Lance, Phantom and old man Beau. Here they were the other day enjoying the grassy front field.

                       He's got some beautiful blue eyes

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