Well we're working on this one.. But figured we'd make a whole page devoted to our sweet chickens and their yummy eggs. More to come!
Here is a shot of our lovely and varied eggs we collect everyday. In the winter season we've been getting anywhere from 3-10 eggs a day. Our girls, and two roos, also have two heat lamps on in their building at night. It gets cold up here in Jersey! 
We're selling our eggs for 2.50 a dozen. 

Some of our lovely ladies. We have here our Buff Orpintons, Rhode Island Reds, and Barred Plymouth Rocks. This is an assortment of our original flock that we started 10 years ago. We still have a few of these old ladies, even though they aren't really laying. Now however, we've collected some Ameraucanas, Marans, and Welsummers. We have a few bantams that include: silkies, cochins, and a sultan. Soon we'll have a few polish that we're hatching out here and a couple cream legbars. 

 Our Handsome Roosters


Our first silkie, Nugget
Our happy hens& T-Rex snacking on some fodder

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